Hermetically Sealed Hotels

A hermetically sealed hotel room in a spiffy new hotel.

A hermetically sealed hotel room in a spiffy new hotel. Note how there is no device on the window to open said window to the outside world.

In the last month and a half, I have stayed in several hotels, two of which were very spiffy and new, and completely sealed off from the outside world. By this I mean that there was no way to circulate outside air directly into the hotel room. Sure, they have these conditioned air units, but I’m a little weary of these suckers since it doesn’t take long for imperial fungus to start colonizing said A/C units — then, when we turn them on in hermetically sealed hotels because we’re human and animal and we like some kind of air movement, the A/C units are just blasting us with some potential super fungus, this shooting directly down into the capillaries of our lungs.

When it comes to the layouts of these spiffy new hotels, I’m sure there are reasons for the engineering or, at best, architectural design of such structures. I sure would like to see the arguments for the designs (perhaps intended for super smoggy places). But if I’m sitting in a hotel situated in a place on the planet that has comparatively good to great air, and especially if it is during a fresh rain or thunder storm, I would rather have the option of cracking a window open (preferably on a sliding track or pane rather than with a brick). For now, oh well (this is where I insert the obligatory Jeremy Bentham, Panopticon reference).

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