Aaron Barth’s three areas of expertise concern historic preservation, university & humanities lecturing, and grant writing.

Historic Preservation: Involved in Historic Preservation and Cultural Resource Management since 2002, Barth is a United States of the Interior-qualified historian, architectural historian and archaeologist. He has successfully co-authored National Register of Historic Places nominations and National Park Service-American Battlefield Protection Program reports connected with the US-Dakota Wars (1862-1864). Barth enjoys bringing realistic cultural resource management experience into the university classroom to prepare tomorrow’s historic preservationists and public historians. In this vein, he developed an upper- and graduate-level cultural resource management course that he teaches at North Dakota State University (starting Autumn 2014).

Grant Writing: Barth regularly works with academic and scholarly institutions, the National Park Service, tribal historic preservation offices, and engineering and environmental consulting firms. He is the Assistant Director of the Center for Heritage Renewal at North Dakota State University, one of the nation’s top 108 Carnegie Commission-ranked universities. He is currently one of the research assistants for the National Park Service-American Battlefield Protection Program‘s study of the US-Dakota Wars in North Dakota.

University and the Humanities: Barth is currently the vice chair of the NEH-funded North Dakota Humanities Council, and he regularly leads public humanities forums. His areas of published and scholarly expertise and university lecturing concern Great Plains History, Native History, American Western History, World History, and Public History.


Aaron L. Barth, “Imagining a Battlefield at a Civil War Mistake: The Public History of Whitestone Hill, 1863-2013” The Public Historian, Vol. 35, No. 3 (August 2013): 72-97.

Aaron Barth, et al., “White Stone Hill” National Register of Historic Places Registration Form, (Washington, DC: National Park Service, September 2013).

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