Global Cowboy Culture

Endless amounts of meat at Harvest Brazilian Grill, Mandan, North Dakota.

Endless amounts of meat at Harvest Brazilian Grill, Mandan, North Dakota.

On the afternoon of December 9, 2012, Edgar, the owner and operator of Harvest Brazilian Grill, sat down with me and chatted a bit about the cultural commonalities of the Great Plains cowboy and the Brazilian gaúcho in downtown Mandan, North Dakota. The cowboy and gaúcho professions revolve around, obviously, cattle, and this in turn brings up dietary similarities: if you’re around cattle, there’s a good chance your diet will consist of beef.

Edgar hails from Porto Alegre, southern Brazil, spent time with an e-company in Santa Barbara, California, then moved to Linton, North Dakota, and finally relocated the Harvest Brazilian Grill to downtown Mandan, North Dakota. Below are two video shorts, as Edgar obliged my request to reflect on his business, Brazilian churrascaria, and global gaúcho and cowboy culture.

The first video draws upon cultural and culinary similarities of Brazil and North Dakota, both cowboy and gaúcho, and German immigrants to the northern Great Plains and Brazil.

In the second video, Edgar explains where he comes from, Porto Alegre, Brazil, and why Brazil has dietary similarities to the northern Great Plains.

Harvest Brazilian Grill, 308 Main Street, Mandan, North Dakota. If you are ready to devour endless supplies of meat, and endure post-dinner meat sweats, here are the hours of operation:

Tuesday – Friday: 11AM – 3PM Lunch, and 5PM – 9PM Dinner

Saturday: 11AM – 3PM Lunch, and 4PM – 9PM Dinner

Contact Harvest Brazilian Grill or make reservations at 701-751-4393.

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