Modern With a Lower Case “m”

Here’s a recent piece from that asserts the rise and fall of Postmodern. It got me thinking about how it’s another one of those movements that many feel a part of, all while no one can really agree on a definitive, well, definition. This is why everyone looks confused (or if not, suppresses the feelings of confusion) when the word Post Modern is used. Post Modern is, of course, predicated on the notion (and acceptance) of Modern as a systematic framework as well, and that Modern was somehow a reaction against another systematic framework, and so on, ad infinitum. I still prefer to take my modernity with the lower case “m” and in the vein that it is perpetual and never ending, a type of tension between existing structures and the evolution necessary for society to breath in the present and theorize about how to project itself into the future (a quasi fancy way of saying “planning for tomorrow”). I suppose this recent Post Modern piece from can be considered fairly modern.

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